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-Visit of book g by reservation:
from 1 to 9 people 50 euros, beyond 5 euros more per person.

-Visit European Heritage Day by reservation:
registration open from August.

For any questions on booking tours contact us :
(tel): 06 08 46 81 45

mail : association.atomes@gmail.com


LOCATION of FORT LEFEBVRE (at the top of Salbert)

Fort Lefebvre rental for:


-Event and any other

Daily price : 300 euros

Price for the weekend : 500 euros

(tel): 06 08 46 81 45

mail : association.atomes@gmail.com



President : Hubert SCHMALTZ, retired
Vice-president : Gilles SANCEY, retired,
Secretary : François GEHIN, controller in electrical installation
Treasurer : Olivier CHABORD, trader
The association was created in 2016 with the idea of ​​Hubert SCHMALTZ to take over
work G in order to put it back in order, to make it accessible to visits, and ultimately to be able to make it the first Cold War museum.
2016 works begin, the association meanwhile began to grow and be known in the territory, thanks to a report by France 3.
This attracted about 20 volunteers and then attracted visitors who were passionate about this type of emblematic place.
The first days of the EHD allowed us to attract 600 visitors.


  1. December 2015 : visit of the premises organized by the technical services of Belfort.
  2. March 2016 : the idea of ​​the site enhancement project was born in the minds of the founding members Hubert SCHMALZ, Olivier CHABORD and Franck CARRERE.
  3. May 2016: creation of the association.
  4. June 2016 : agreement of Mr Meslot mayor of Belfort for the resumption of the work.
  5. July 2016: Beginning of restoration works with the help of the S-Airsoft association.
  6. September 2016 : opening to the public for the European Heritage Days, more than 600 visits recorded within 12 hours of opening.
  7. December 2016 : authorization for the “Salbert 2” project (opening of Fort Lefebvre).
  8. December 2016 : visit of the work by Colonel Le Saint who directs the Air base 116 of Luxeuil (former owner) (1).
  9. January 2017 : visit of the military delegation from the Territoire de Belfort (DMD90) (2).
  10. February 2017 : visit by local elected representatives (Mr. PERRIN Senator, Mr. BOUQUET Chairman of the Departmental Council, Mr. VIVOT 1 st deputy mayor of Belfort, Ms. ROCHETTE de LEMPDES culture assistant city of Belfort, M. BOUCARD deputy.