New projects for 2020:

- New visit circuit passing through the storage areas
- Renovation of the paintwork in the corridors and the interception offices.
- Installation of two interception offices for historical reconstruction.
- Lighting work in the engine room.
- Installation of a Mirage IIIe and a Fouga magister in the machine room.
- Virtual projection in the card room and in the corridors.

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Work progress:

Year 2017 : availability of a room for the fiber-wire association for the exhibition of a collection of telephone equipment.

Year 2018: installation of tarpaulins at level +1, cleaning of the transformer room.

Year 2019 : Restoration of the functioning of the material airlock doors, cleaning of the engine room, creation of the infirmary, creation of the radio room, repair of the corridor of the material airlock, painting of the corridors, creation of the projection room .