History of the ouvrage-G

 Work "G" was a detection center provided with six palm radar antennas and one UHF antenna placed on Fort Lefebvre
 located at the top of Mont Salbert and better known for its ideal geographical location offering a choice panorama of the city of Belfort, the Vosges and the Jura.
 Situé à 100m en contrebas du fort Lefebvre ( 1870) , il s’agit d’une extension et d’une modernisation des 3 abris caverne.
 L’entrée des hommes et l’entrée du matériel sont visibles sur la gauche en montant au sommet du Salbert.
 The military designation of this structure was “Structure G”, “Station Maître Radar 60/921” or “SMR 60/921” classified secret defense.
 Il s’inscrit dans un ensemble d’ouvrages decidé par l’OTAN
 - SMR 40/921 (work F) located in Fort François de Guise near Metz
 – la SMR 50/921 ( ouvrage H ) situé dans l’ouvrage Maginot du Hochwald, près de Wissembourg.
 The soldiers in ouvrage G were nicknamed "the airmen" by the Belfortians.
 About 500 "aviators" lived in this complex. Many of them were also called Belgians, especially the breadwinners
 The structure was equipped with an air recycling system and oil central heating, the tanks of which are always present and always fragrant
 The ouvrage offered a water and energy autonomy of 3 to 4 months.
 Situation: route du Salbert - CRAVANCHE
 Followed rue du Salbert for 3 km, the entrance to the structure is 1 km from the summit.

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